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Check out our Quick Guards!

Protect your lawn

and driveway!

*Quick Guard Yard Guard

*Frontier Rear Plow



Protect your yard during plowing season with a "QUICK GUARD"

Plowing snow is a part of every Michigan winter, but when the ground is soft, you don't want to destroy your yard. Prevent yard damage with our easy, reliable quick attach "Quick Guard"  


Snap the Quick Guard on your snow plow when you need it and quickly remove it when you don't. Your yard will be safe and your plow job will be complete, without tearing up the yard or gravel. We have Guards for trucks and UTV's


Great Lakes weld!!

I would like to thank you for the Quick Guard attachments, I purchased a set of them from you last week for my Boss 8.2 V-plow. The installation of the new hardware was very simple and the installation and removal of the Quick Guards themselves is a breeze, I would say you can install and remove them in a matter of about two minutes. I have used them at both my farm and also my parents farm which both are limestone driveways and they work great for removing the snow and leaving the limestone’s where they belong.


Thanks again,  

Heath Weich

Don't let this happen again!

grass torn up by plow


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